Integrating with Aircall’s Telephony System

Check your pricing plan

To begin, contact your Aircall representative to ensure that billing for inbound calls transferring to RedRoute is set up correctly. 
Some older plans bill transfers as outbound calls, which may result in high charges on your Aircall account. If that is the case, check if you can switch to a newer plan. Reach out to if you have any questions.

Authorize RedRoute’s access to your account

  1. Open the RedRoute portal.

  2. Follow the onboarding steps.

  3. In Add Phone Integration, choose Aircall as the vendor. 

  4. Click Continue to Aircall.

  5. In the dialog that displays, log in to your Aircall account.

  6. Click Authorize to allow RedRoute to access your account.

Set up your Test Phone Number

We recommend starting with a Test Number that doesn’t receive calls from your customers. You will add your other phone numbers later.

If you need to, you can temporarily buy another Aircall number as a Test Number.

  1. In the Test Number dialog, click Test Number.

  2. In the drop-down list, choose the number you want to designate as your test number. 

  3. Click Add Number. We are now back in the RedRoute portal.

  4. A brief overview of the integration process displays. To skip this section, click Continue

  5. In the Test Number dialog, your test number displays. Click Continue to advance to the next section. 

  6. Add the necessary information in the Call Queue Routing dialog and click Continue.

  7. To make changes in Aircall, log in as an Aircall Admin.

  8. On the Aircall Dashboard, click Numbers.

  9. In the numbers pane, choose your test number.

  1. In the window that displays, ensure that Business hours is set to Always open. This allows RedRoute to always receive calls.

If RedRoute is unable to automate a call, we will say "We will now forward you to an operator", and then forward to the Main Call Queue number. This Main Call Queue number should be set up in the same way as your main number.

  1. Return to the RedRoute portal

  2. In the Forward to RedRoute Number dialog, select the checkbox next to your test number. Your Aircall number will now automatically forward to RedRoute.

  3. Click Start Testing.

  1. On the Testing page, select the appropriate checkboxes from the Test Cases list and click Finish.

Add your Public Phone Numbers

  1. In the Public Phone Numbers field, enter the public phone number you want to use with RedRoute and click Add.

  2. Open the Aircall Dashboard.

  3. Select your public phone number from the dashboard.

  4. In the window that displays, ensure that Business hours is set to Always open for Public Numbers (similar to the Test Number process). This allows RedRoute to always receive calls.

  5. In the Dashboard, choose Integrations.

  6. On the My Integrations pagechoose the latest RedRoute integration and click Configure. 

  7. In the Forward Public Numbers window, go to your Aircall Dashboard.

  1. In the Connected numbers dialog, click Add or remove numbers.

  2. In the Connected Numbers dialog, Click Add an Aircall Number.

  3. In the Add A Number dialog that displays, select the phone number(s) you wish to add. This should be identical to the number(s) that you added as public phone numbers in the RedRoute portal.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Return to the Public Phone Numbers page in the RedRoute portal and click Continue.  

  6. In the Call Queue Routing dialog, choose whether you want to add additional routing types, and if you want to use your legacy IVR system while RedRoute is ramping up to handle all your calls. 

  7. Click Continue.

  8. In the Forward Public Calls dialog, select your public phone number and click Start Automating Calls

That's it - you are all set to start automating!